Thursday, June 15, 2017

DJ Khaled Weight Loss: What Meal Plan Does He Incorporate?

You probably have heard about DJ Khaled weight loss, but what is he doing anyway? What kind of plan does he have? What kind of menu or physical activities that he has had? If you want to know more about his achievement in losing his weight, you may be able to follow his footstep in managing his menu.

The Meal Planning and Arrangement
DJ Khaled turned into a vegetarian after he realized that it could be his only way to lose weight. When you start eating the plant-based foods, they aren’t so much packed with calories and yet they are more fulfilling so when you finish with a portion, it is somehow more satisfying and you won’t easily get hungry anymore. Instead of focusing on egg burgers, pancakes, and hash browns, Khaled turned to cereals with fruits. Almond milk and oats can be fulfilling and tasty with banana, blueberry, or apple toppings. A banana topped bagel can also be a good breakfast starter. Bread based meals can be included for lunch, but be sure to choose the whole wheat breads. If not, you can turn to protein-packed food with veggies. Lean meat from fish or meat can be paired with salad with olive oil. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with enough water. Consume at least 8 glasses a day but stay to water only – not soda or other sweetened drinks. When you are exercising, replenishing yourself with energy drink is okay but the consumption should be limited.

Don’t forget to include physical exercises – focus on doing the things you like. Because of his weight, Khaled had swimming hours 3 times a week because it isn’t harsh on his joints and yet it is super effective t burn off his fat deposit. You don’t have to really follow his exact exercise routine to experience the same result from DJ Khaled weight loss program, but be sure that you are exercising and you do it regularly.
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