Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lady Gaga Want to Have Husband and Kids Someday

Lady Gaga is a famous American singer. She is not married yet, so currently there is no Lady Gaga husband. But, she has a dream that one day she has a husband and kids. Her devout fans thought Lady Gaga as the mother figure for them. That is why they call Lady Gaga as “Mother Monster”. Lady Gaga who is known for her love and dedication to her fans call her fans as “Little Monsters”. She even tattooed this phrase on her body to show their fans that she give her devotion and dedication for her fans. 

In 2015, Lady Gaga was engaged to her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. Taylor Kinney is an actor and a model and they met for the first time when Taylor was a co-star in her music video. Her relationship with Taylor Kinney has been running for four years when he proposed to her on valentine day 2015. Her fans was thinking that the time for them to see Lady Gaga husband and kids were near. But, unfortunately, Lady Gaga called off her engagement in June 2016. Now, we can only wait and see who is going to be Lady Gaga husband. Hope it will not be not too long.

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