Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lady Gaga on Halftime Show Super Bowl 2017

Lady Gaga captivated the audience on the halftime show Super Bowl 2017 in Houston, Texas. On the day after the show, there are many new uploaded videos of Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 Youtube. Lady Gaga started her performance with her rendition of God Bless America and This Land is Your Land. On the night sky at her background there were hundreds of drones with colorful lights that would create an American flag following the songs. 

Lady Gaga performed her most popular songs such as Edge of Glory, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Telephone, Just Dance, Million Reasons, and Born This Way. She made an awesome performance with her ruby red lipstick by jumping from the roof of stadium supported by two cables. She even did backflip before landing safely on the big stage. 

Lady Gaga through her performance gave a statement and courage to her audiences to always stand up for their beliefs, and for unity. After her performance, there were thousand tweets expressing appreciations for Lady Gaga. Even world celebrities loved with what she done on the stage. Do you curious how Lady Gaga’s performance? Go take a look Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 Youtube and watch by yourself her awesome 13 minutes performance.

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